• Secure terminal access
    Thu Sep 13 2018 08:40 pm
    If your terminal application supports SSH it is recommended that you access the
    BBS using SSH. Configure your Terminal software to use the SSH protocol on port
    2222. The embedded telnet client will access the BBS securely if you connect to
    the the web site using HTTPS.

    Then standerd telnet protocol sends all data in clear text including your

    Terminal programs that can use SSH to access a BBS are SyncTerm by the
    Synchronet development team and QODEM.

    Clifra Jones
    Sysop, Days of Old BBS
    Hostname: daysofoldbbs.wilhartsolutions.com
    Protocols: Telnet, SSH (2222), HTTP

  • HTTPS issue
    Thu Sep 13 2018 08:34 pm
    We are currently having an issue with logging in and possibly other operations
    on the web inteerface when using HTTPS/SSL. Loggin in can be delayed but ut
    will worl.Please do not resubmit your login attempt. It can take from 30-60
    seconds to log in. Also other operations such as posting to forums can be

    The Synchronet development team is aware of this issue and will address this
    issue as soon as they can.

    CClifra Jones
    GSysop, Days of Old BBS
    HYHostname: daysofoldbbs.wilhartsolutions.com
    BProtocols: Telnet, SSH (2222), HTTP
  • Barren Realms Elite!!
    Wed Aug 22 2018 03:31 pm
    Nuclear destruction has spread throughout the planet, and now only a vast
    barren void exists. You, as a baron under a great king, must expand your
    barony throughout the planet, taking advantage of natural resources such as
    rivers and mountains to become the ultimate baron. This task is not easy
    though -- you must keep your population content, while maintaining a military
    large enough to defend your empire against other barons. You must balance size
    and strength, attack, trade with, and make alliances with other barons.
    Pirates throughout the planet will constantly plunder the great leaders --
    making your job even harder.

    Do you have what it takes to become the most powerfull Baron on the planet?

    Barren Realms Elite is online and active!

    I have not enabled inter-BBS league play as of yet. If there is interest in
    this I will certainly consider it.

    Watch the bulletins for any upcomming game resets.

    CClifra Jones
    GSysop, Days of Old BBS
    HYHostname: daysofoldbbs.wilhartsolutions.com
    BProtocols: Telnet, SSH (2222), HTTP
  • Legend of the Red Dragon (L.O.R.D) now online
    Wed Aug 22 2018 03:01 pm
    I am please to announce that Legend of the Red Dragon 4.06 is online.

    Come and enter the realm of the Red Dragon. Make your way in this mystical
    world. Become a hero, a merchant, maybe even marry someone and possibly slay
    the Red Dragon!

    This classic role playing game is now on line. I am running version 4.06. I
    have not been able to find a working copy of 4.07 but if I do I will upgrade.

    I have not installed any IGM MODS yet but if there is interest in any of these
    I will try and make that happen.

    I have not enabled inter-BBS play yet but again if there is any interest it is
    something I can do provided there is an active league available to join.

    The game is newly started and I'll be honest we are just getting starte here.
    So you have a head start. Watch the bulletins during logon for any reset

    I will see you in the game!

    CClifra Jones
    GSysop, Days of Old BBS
    HYHostname: daysofoldbbs.wilhartsolutions.com
    BProtocols: Telnet, SSH (2222), HTTP
  • Welcome, Please excuse our dust.
    Wed Aug 22 2018 11:25 am
    Welcome to the Days of Old BBS.

    This is a new BBS run by an old time Sysop. I am getting things up and running
    and trying to bring services that will be fun and informative to all my
    visitors. So if some things are not working as expected please bear with me and
    shoot me an email and I'll try and get it fixed. If there is anything you would
    like or have any suggestions please do the same or post in the suggestions
    local forum.

    Some of the things I have setup here are:

    Message Forums:
    I have created some local forums that I believe will be usefull. We are
    connected to the DOVE-NET message network. This is the network run by the
    Synchronet developers. I am looking at setting up some more message networks so
    please stay tuned.

    News Feeds:
    Also listed in the message forums section are RSS news feeds from various news
    services such as FOX News, Reuters, CNN, etc. We also have feeds from some
    sports services such as Fox Sports, NBCSN, ESPN and Sky Sports. These feeds are
    headlines with a link to the full article so they are best viewed on our web
    interface at http://daysofoldbbs.wilhartsolutions.com. If you want to keep the
    BBS page open while reading the articles then right click on the link and
    select "Open in new tab".

    Posting replies is currently allowed in these feeds. Please keep it civil.

    I have installed several classic BBS Door games such as Legend of the Red
    Dragon (L.O.R.D.), Barren Realms Elite, Falcons Eye, Falcons Honor and The
    Arcadian Legends.

    Some of these games allow Inter-BBS play. I have not joined any Inter-BBS
    leagues yet. If there is an interest this is definately something I can do.

    Comming soon will be the newest edition of the classic BBS game Trade Wars.
    Getting this up will take me some time so it will be a month or so before it is

    I don't offer a lot of files available for download. 99% of what anyone is
    looking for is available on the internet or on one of the other fine Synchronet
    BBSs out there. If I do offer a file for DL it would be something related to
    this BBS. i.e. QWK offline readers.

    About me:
    Like I said, I was a BBS sysop back in the 90s when I was a much younger man. I
    am also a 30+ year experienced tech geek. I have worked in Corporate IT
    infrastructure for the last 20 years along with doing some programming.

    So if you having a technical issue post in the technology forum and maybe I can
    help you.

    About WilHart Solutions:
    WilHart Solutions is my personal consulting company. We provide IT architecture
    consulting, application design and developement and cloud instrastructure
    consulting. We are a very small (2 man) operation along with having our regular
    jobs so we are very selective regarding the projects we take on. We also have
    extensive contacts in the IT field mostly in the southeast US so if the project
    is not something we are prepared to take on we may be able to refer one of our
    IT contact.

    I hope you enjoy you time here at Days of Old. I am striving to provide a place
    that is enjoyable and a change from the noise of the greater internet.


    Your Sysop

    CClifra Jones
    GSysop, Days of Old BBS
    HYHostname: daysofoldbbs.wilhartsolutions.com
    BProtocols: Telnet, SSH (2222), HTTP